Real Estate Property in Malta by Zanzi Homes BUY or SELL

Zanzi Homes is a Real Estate brand that focuses solely on residential and commercial property sales across the Maltese islands. We understand that for most people buying a property as a home or as an additional investment is one of the most important decisions of their lives and that is why our mission is to be able to offer both the vendor and the purchaser the best deal possible as quickly

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Real Estate Property in Malta by Zanzi Homes BUY or SELL

(6 days ago) Steve Mercieca, Chairman of the Foundation, spoke of its actions through the real estate agency’s funding; “We’ve achieved many of our goals for 2017, and now our vision widens for 2018, as we aim to accomplish even more philanthropic goals locally and abroad.

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Real Estate Property in Malta by Zanzi Homes BUY or SELL

(8 days ago) Supported by Superb Tech. Our back-office management system was built from the ground up by us. We offer you a real estate management system designed by property specialists for property specialists. This means that your get the tool you need to do your job effortlessly …

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Real Estate Property in Malta by Zanzi Homes BUY or SELL

(4 days ago) Zanzi Homes is a Real Estate brand that focuses solely on residential and commercial property sales across the Maltese islands. Buying or Selling? GET IN TOUCH!

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Real Estate Property in Malta by Zanzi Homes BUY or SELL

(8 days ago) Zanzi Homes is a Real Estate brand that focuses solely on residential and commercial property sales across the Maltese islands. Buying or Selling? GET IN TOUCH!

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New Zanzi Homes Website Launch

(6 days ago) The real estate brand has always been known for its innovative and diversified approach to the market, especially when it comes to technology. “One of the pillars upon which we grew our brand to what it is today is the use of technology which we invest heavily in”, Steve Mercieca continues, “apart from developing our own cutting edge

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Looking to sell your Property on the Malta Property Market

(8 days ago) When showcasing your property on a real estate website like Zanzi homes, you should aim to attract as many people as possible by showing off the functionality of your home. Segmenting your rooms and giving them a purpose will also help possible future owners envision living in your home when viewing your home virtually.

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The Roaring Buy-To-Let Market: Wise Investments For a

(1 days ago) Top real estate agents will work hand in hand with bank managers, notaries, architects and turnkey contractors to answer all your questions and facilitate your rental investment property purchase. So, finding helpful sales specialists such as myself with connections in the industry is definitely a great place to start.

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MaltaProfile interviews COO Fabio Zuccaro

(6 days ago) Real estate agency on course to expand its footprint in Malta and abroad. As Malta’s real estate market rockets ahead, the Quicklets and Zanzi Homes Group is seeking international franchising partners to grow their business – just four years after their launch on the island.

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A Tree for each Home

(5 days ago) Real estate should not be only about property, but also about the environment we live in. We believe that development should be met halfway with clean air, uncontaminated water, green areas and in the near future, the prevailing use of renewable energy”, says Steve Mercieca (CEO) whilst looking at the newly-planted trees with a satisfied smile.

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Is Buying a Home the Right Thing for You

(6 days ago) Choose a trusted real estate agent . It's very important to choose a reputable real estate agent. Zanzi Homes has quickly become one of the most popular real estate agents on the island. Zanzi Homes has won many awards, including 'One to Watch' by the European Business Awards for two consecutive years in a row.

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Why Work with a Real Estate Agent in Malta

(8 days ago) A real estate agent will be able to deal with getting the right person for the job and estimate the probable evaluation. Securing viewings. Identifying potential buyers and securing them for a viewing are two different things. Negotiations.

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Planning to sell your property this summer

(6 days ago) A real estate appraisal or property valuation happens when an owner of a property asks a professional in the property industry to inspect a property to get an idea of what it's worth and what it could possibly be sold for. Tips for Dummies gives a great breakdown for a better understanding of what a property valuation is. Step one is calling up

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What Rental Price is the Right Price

(2 days ago) Real estate in Malta has recently seen a surge in estate agents, promoting property portfolios from existing or sprouting agencies across the country. This is due to an increase in rental demand, fuelled by a foreign workforce settling in Malta, locals leaving home for work or study, as well as socio-economic policies such as the IPP Programme.

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Re-Organise Your Home After Quarantine.

(4 days ago) Seeing as it’s the summer season, many real estate agents lookout for a light-filled, versatile space. Natural light and the integration of plants and flowers will bring a sense of new life into your home. A fresh coat of paint can make a world of a difference, it will help brighten up the room and give it a fresh feeling. The main enemy

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Buying Your First Property

(6 days ago) Working with a real estate agent you know and trust will help make the process smoother, as well as having an efficient notary who is easy to communicate with. Should any first time buyers be reading this and require any help or guidance, I can be contacted on 79301088.

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New Zanzi Homes Academy

(9 days ago) The real estate service provider Zanzi Homes has recently invested in upgrading its training program for new recruits joining the sales division of the QLZH Group. At the start of each month, Zanzi Homes will be hosting the Zanzi Homes Academy, an intense and detailed training program for sales property specialists joining the company.

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Real Estate Property in Malta by Zanzi Homes BUY or SELL

(1 days ago) 13. Our details. 13.1 This website is owned and operated by QuickLets and Zanzi Homes, legally known as Dowdall QL (Holdings) Ltd and Dowdall (ZH) Ltd respectively. 13.2 We are registered in Malta under registration number C77820, and our registered office is at …

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Zanzi Homes launches Exclusive Package

(4 days ago) The Zanzi Homes team, forming part of Malta’s largest real estate group, has revamped and launched its Exclusive offering, aimed at homeowners seeking to sell their property faster. The Zanzi Homes Exclusive package offers its subscribers a reduced rate of 4% on agency fees but also goes many steps further by adding benefits intended to ease

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Your Calling is Calling

(4 days ago) Your Calling is Calling - Careers at Zanzi. Work with. Our Awesome Team! Our mission is to exist to innovate the real estate industry, create a cult-like culture and give back the people less fortunate than us, We are looking for individuals who are fueled by purpose and driven by excellence, We offer excellent commission based packages as well

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Converting an area in your property for sale in Malta into

(8 days ago) A desk, personal computer, desk chair, keyboard and mouse will make for the perfect home-work space for future owners to enjoy. A less intrusive conversion of a room will increase the attention from people looking to buy property in Malta and real estate agents alike.

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Our step-by-step guide for first time buyers in Malta

(8 days ago) Our real estate agents in Malta will find the ideal first home for you. Step 3: Sign your first Promise of Sale for your property in Malta. Determine a price for the property for sale in Malta and sign the Promise for Sale. Step 4: Signing the contract for your property in Malta.

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5 Tips to Help You Sell Your Property.

(2 days ago) 5. Use a real estate agent. Get in touch with real estate agents and let them know that your property is up for sale! Make sure you contact estate agents closer to available date. Your property in Malta is one of thousands, so it needs to stand out amidst other properties for sale in Malta.

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Old vs. New: Buying A New Development Property In Malta Or

(Just Now) Having a list of pros and cons will help you make your decision more clearly and have a better understanding of what you and your real estate agent are looking for. Price Tag Whether you’re a first time buyer or looking to downsize after the kids flee the nest, buying into new development properties is a great way to get into the property

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Quicklets and Zanzi Homes Opens its doors in Attard and Qawra.

(6 days ago) They all uphold an appetite for success and aim to add value to the real estate industry. In St Paul’s Bay, franchise owners (and siblings) Louise Chetcuti Vassallo and Joe Vassallo have taken the initiative to open further north. The office is found at 496, Triq it- Turisti, Qawra.

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2021 is your year to invest in real estate in Malta and Gozo

(6 days ago) Real Estate agents like Zanzi Homes can help you sort through the array of options you as a buyer has and help you filter down to find the best investment that suits your requirements. Benefits of Investing in Malta or Gozo. Malta is an archipelago, found in the center of the mystical Mediterranean Sea with connections to Europe and the

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4 Tips to selling your house this summer.

(6 days ago) A Zanzi Homes real estate agent will be able to keep you up to date with all the summer selling strategies and real estate market trends. 2. Don't judge a book by its cover but in this case do? We don't usually condone this in any other situation, though when it comes to buying a house the outside look is quite the game changer. Put yourself in

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Why You Should Engage a Real Estate Agent to sell Your

(5 days ago) Real estate agents are knowledgeable about the property market in Malta and how to qualify a client. Second of all, a real estate agent in Malta should be completely up to date with the industry and the property market in Malta. This includes a good command of prices according to locality and properties in the area, including intel on good or

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Interview with our Co-Founder, Michael

(3 days ago) Interview with our Co-Founder, Michael. whether the growth is sustainable and what part the real estate market plays in all of this. our ability to attract foreign investment and tourism to the island. This success was made. Union. adapting to international changes and becoming trendsetters.

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Big City Life v.s Country life

(6 days ago) The real estate agents at Zanzi Homes have plenty of finished properties in various villages and smaller Maltese and Gozitan towns that they’d be delighted to show you. No more parking problems. We all know that going home early, only to spend 30 minutes circling around the block to find that glorious white-boxed-parking spot, is not the best

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The Big 5 – Invite Me In!

(8 days ago) No matter where your Malta property is situated, introducing a few unique real estate elements can truly transform it into an entertaining oasis, both for yourself, as well as for your guests. From choosing the right style to setting the right mood, creating a welcoming real estate design environment at your property in Malta will bring along

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Franchising with QuickLets & Zanzi Homes

(4 days ago) Why Real Estate? Unless Armageddon strikes, history shows that real estate is always a good idea. Being one of the main drivers of the economy, in times of national distress, it is likely one of the industries the Government would protect and stimulate …

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Quicklets and Zanzi Homes Open in Attard!

(5 days ago) They all uphold an appetite for success and aim to add value to the real estate industry. But what made them choose Quicklets and Zanzi Homes? Matthew Curmi, 26, was instantly drawn to the company, and quickly sought to co-own his own branch. To him, QLZH was an easy choice to make due to the company’s innovative and enthusiastic vision

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First time buyers responsibilities when buying property in

(Just Now) As a first time buyer in Malta or Gozo, you are probably eligible to benefit from Zanzi Homes’ exclusive First Time Buyer package where you could save up to €13,000. We know this is a big step, and there are always pesky expenses that come up so we’ve pulled together this awesome package to …

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Property in Marsaskala by Zanzi Homes Real Estate Malta

(9 days ago) Marsaskala is a sea-side village situated in the south-east of Malta It has wonderfully formed cliffs saltpans gardens and local clubs as well as a long promenade stretching from one side of the bay to the other One can escape to the fortifications and watch towers to absorb some of

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QuickLets and Zanzi Homes sign with Revolut

(9 days ago) The forward thinking proptech real estate agency group QLZH signs with Revolut for Business. QuickLets & Zanzi Homes have 320 agents spread across 27 offices who will now have the option to receive their salary and commissions in a Revolut account.

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Zanzi Luxury Homes Sends Team to South Africa: Attracting

(9 days ago) Zanzi Luxury Homes is surely looking down a healthy path for foreign direct investment (FDI). According to the National Statistics office, the first six months of 2016 saw FDI flows in Malta go up by €1.9 billion: transport, accommodation and real estate activities accounted for over €17 million of its global economic activity.

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How to Get Inspiration for your Interiors

(7 days ago) Many real estate companies also have blogs that feature interior design posts from time to time. There are also many blogs dedicated to interior design and home décor. ‘Liz Marie Blog’, ‘Love Chic Living’ and ‘The Design Sheppard’ are all popular examples.

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New QuickLets and Zanzi Homes Academy Centre

(Just Now) New recruits joining the real estate group QuickLets and Zanzi Homes (the QLZH Group), are being welcomed in a new, motivating and engaging Academy Centre. On a weekly basis, the letting and property specialists embarking on their new journey receive extensive, in-depth training in a dedicated environment where they can learn all they need to

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QuickLets & Zanzi Homes Named "National Winner" in

(8 days ago) QuickLets and Zanzi Homes, two of Malta’s most prominent real estate brands, have been named ‘National Winner’ in the 2019 European Business Awards, one of the world’s largest business competitions. Prior to this, the two estate agencies were …

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Commercial Property Malta by Quicklets

(2 days ago) 1 Bath. 2 Bath. 3 Bath. +4 Bath. Current State On Plan Shell Semi-Finished Finished Furnished Unconverted Converted. Area Any South Centre North West Gozo East. Quick Find …

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Home Staging Secrets For This Magical Christmas Season

(Just Now) Home staging for the real estate market involves the balancing process of sticking to your Christmas family traditions, whilst simultaneously making it still look appropriate for viewings and open houses. Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you and your family and strangers alike may be a tricky task, though it is very possible.

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Zanzi Homes Launches Preferential Rate Scheme

(1 days ago) The real estate company, employing a team of over 150 property specialists has listened to its customers’ needs and introduced a sole agency offer. Under this scheme, homeowners looking to entrust the sale of their property in the professional hands of this dynamic and versatile team will benefit from a preferential rate of 3.5%.

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