The Development of Container House From Alternative to

Today's booming tourism real estate, such as the development and construction of automobile camps. With the convenience and mobility of container houses and modular houses, it is more suitable for places with a large flow of people like tourism.

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Container Warm Industrial Wind

(3 days ago) Campsites themselves are also a type of tourism real estate, but unlike traditional tourism real estate projects, campsites must consider more supporting services related to self-driving cars. Through the construction of resort facilities of different carriers, supporting high-quality additional services, and gathering passenger flow to achieve

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Advantages Of Integrated Housing

(5 days ago) The integrated house is removable, removable and does not damage the land. Realizing the transformation of the “immovable property” attribute of the house to the “movable property” for thousands of years, the complete separation of “real estate” real estate and “real estate” for thousands of years has been realized.

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Let us Learn About Integrated Houses

(9 days ago) Realized the transformation of the property of "real estate" to "movable property" for thousands of years, and completely separated the "real estate" property from "real estate" for thousands of years. The on-site construction period of integrated houses is 10% -30% of the traditional building model. The quality of integrated houses is more

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Benefits Of Folding Container House

(8 days ago) The folding container silo is designed for rapid assembly or disassembly. -A small staff can build a folding container house in fewer than-days. Moreover, the design of the commission makes disassembly and recycling easier, which is very useful for short-term housing needs. The folding container house is an excellent choice for temporary labour

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