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Welcome to Michael H. Wasserman, P.C. We help buyers buy and sellers sell property in Chicago, Cook County and surrounding areas. We advise and protect real estate buyers and sellers, whether working with a realtor or FSBO (for sale by owner).

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Avoiding drama at the final walk through

(8 days ago) In real estate, one would think a final pre-closing walk through is pretty straightforward: Is the house still standing? Check; Are the sellers belongings removed? Check; Are the shower heads and appliances still in place? Check Check; Are there new holes in the walls or broken windows? Check Check Remember to make a walk-through checklist

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Zoiks! Real estate scams up 480%

(2 days ago) Real estate scams up 480%. You read that right, A 480 percent increase according to a May 2017 PSA from the FBI. Its Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). Scammers are targeting wire transfers with alarming frequency. As state law mandates the use of wire transfers for most real estatetransactions, it's vital that every buyer, seller and

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Protect your property from mortgage fraud (FREE!)

(4 days ago) Recent data security breaches at Equifax (and who-knows-what other attacks) leave us all vulnerable to these gambits. I recently offered up six steps to take to protect yourself from the Equifax breach…and today, for readers who already own or are in the process of buying real estate, I suggest one more step: property fraud alerts.

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Our 7-Step Real Estate Closing Plan

(9 days ago) Our 7-Step Real Estate Closing Plan Our practice proudly brings integrity, accuracy and exceptional service to every real estate transaction. At the minimum, our practice provides these steps to help you and your clients get to the closing table ready, informed and sane.

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Should lawyers protect clients from wire transfer fraud

(3 days ago) By Michael Wasserman In 2017, the FBI reported that wire transfer fraud was up 480% in real estate transactions. It’s a frightening number. Yet more and more, I’ve heard that real estate lawyers won’t discuss transfer instructions with clients—that they leave …

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Looking to save $$ on property tax

(Just Now) Looking to save $$ on property tax? Start here. Hurry, Cook County tax bills are due March 1. "'Tis impossible to be sure of anything but death and taxes." Christopher Bullock's infamous quote still rings true, some 300 years later. Cook County's 2017 First Installment property tax bills are due March 1st. Surrounding counties will be due soon

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FREDDIE, FANNIE both Offering Incentives to (some) REO

(4 days ago) Everyone’s favorite semi-governmental real estate entities, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both seem intent on capitalizing on this now to further reduce their respective REO inventories. Each has announced new incentive packages to try to entice prospective buyers. Notable in the two announcements is the differing strategies they are using.

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Michael "Mike" H. Wasserman

(1 days ago) In 1990, he opened a solo practice and began focusing on real estate law. To keep up with growing demand, his practice now includes a trusted team of real estate professionals that maintain his high standards and objectives. An avid cyclist and proud Chicagoan, Michael is the proud father of three, reasonably well-mannered young adults and is

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Let’s Talk Real Estate

(2 days ago) Tell us a little about your real estate sale or purchase, and we’ll be in touch soon. Start Here! If you have a real estate contract, you may email or fax a copy of it today. Michael H. Wasserman, Founder and Managing Attorney Email: [email protected] Call or Text: 312.726.1512 Fax: 312.873.4043 . John Aylesworth, Real Estate Attorney

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Help! My Neighbor’s Old Tree is Growing Over my Roof

(9 days ago) While I don’t handle tree encroachment lawsuits, it’s a problem that often comes up in my real estate transactions. Written by Susan Jenks for Michael H. Wasserman, P.C. Visit: John Roska: Neighbors can eliminate tree encroachment within limits Illinois Laws on Property Disputes Between Neighbors When a Neighbor Damages or Destroys Your Tree

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Meet Team Wasserman

(1 days ago) To begin every real estate purchase and sale smoothly, Mary collects preliminary information and sets transactions in motion. Mary spent many hours in courtrooms as a social worker before joining the firm in 2017. Using her bachelor’s from University of Illinois and master’s from University of Iowa, she worked tirelessly in child welfare.

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Fast-Track Sales Plan

(5 days ago) Start your Chicago-area real estate sale ahead of the curve. Selling a house or condominium in the Chicago area should be a simple process, but in real life it is often stressful, time-consuming and filled with unhappy surprises. Sellers often contend with unexpected obstacles that …

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Let’s kick discrimination out of real estate

(2 days ago) Here are three examples of how discrimination still plagues the Chicagoland real estate scene. The first two may be a bit more well known, but third was a real eye-opener in our office. Quite surprising. Chicago, we can do better when it comes to discrimination …

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In the news: Investing in Chicago's gentrifying neighborhoods

(8 days ago) Chicago is an ever-changing demographic kaleidoscope. Ethnic migrations, land-use transformations, and varying degrees of economic prosperity all stir the real estate pot and eventually touch every corner of the city. Chicago real estate investors are always looking for up-and-coming neighborhoods.

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(4 days ago) city clerk offers local real estate brokers an actual city service! Like them or not, zoned parking in Chicago presents a terrible challenge for Realtors showing properties to their prospective buyer-customers - risk a ticket to show a potential home or park the car blocks away?

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Meet John Aylesworth

(8 days ago) Following a stint as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Illinois, John changed his focus to real estate law in 1999 and has been an active practitioner ever since. An avid bicyclist and runner, John prefers to commute from his home in River Forest via bicycle or “L”. A true adventurer, he and his son are on a life-long mission

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Do I HAVE to pay income taxes

(7 days ago) As a real estate attorney, the heart of my work is asking good questions. Larry Williams asked a whopper…and then acted upon it. Here’s what happens when you don’t pay income taxes. Fair warning, it’s a podcast. Thanks to my daughter (who also asks good questions), for sending me this memorable Planet Money podcast last year.

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The buyer’s guide to homeowners insurance

(9 days ago) Unlike auto or renters insurance, securing homeowners insurance takes time. It is best to get started just after your real estate contract has been accepted—and well before you move in. Yet, most folks put this important step off, which could mess with the closing—especially if there’s a mortgage.

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Good for Chicago: Illinois Legal Aid Online

(Just Now) As real estate attorneys committed to helping all members of our community, our firm is proud to be associated with ILAO. We encourage you to support and promote ILAO, too. We hope you never need them, but it’s comforting to know ILAO is here to help. Learn …

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Hey Chicago, how about that CityKey

(2 days ago) As you likely know, our firm focuses on Chicago-area real estate transactions, and so we like to stay on top of all things Chicago. Personally, I think CityKey is a good thing, so I’m spreading the news to encourage every resident to sign up for it.

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Good for Chicago: Gilda’s Club Chicago

(5 days ago) For four years now, we’ve been running our Thanks to You program, where our residential real estate clients can direct a portion of our fees to a charity on our curated list. This post is one of a series to tell our readers a little more about these organizations and why we chose them.

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Heroes Home Advantage

(8 days ago) I am happy to announce my affiliation with Heroes Home Advantage, a real estate program designed to reward military veterans and those serving our country on active duty, with fire or police departments, teachers and as medical professionals - the everyday heroes who make our lives better and safer.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving with a Side of Gratitude

(7 days ago) Our real estate law firm loves Chicagoland. We live here; we work, cycle and play here. Most of us grew up here. We give back to our community here too through “Thanks to You,” our charitable program. With great pride and gratitude, we have delivered more than $48,000 in charitable donations since 2012.

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Say it Ain't So: Low (No) Down Payment Real Estate

(3 days ago) Buying real estate for little or nothing down is still the holy grail for many and folks are actually touting these strategies again. Not just in hushed whispers from ill lit alleyways. Take the good folks at the Ready for Zero Blog who posted this article last week, since picked up and rebroadcast at Lifehacker , …

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In the news: Relief for the mortgage biz during shutdown

(3 days ago) Real estate buyers, sellers and professionals all exhaled with relief last Friday. After lobbying from the mortgage industry, the Treasury Department has deemed Internal Revenue Service clerks (who process lending forms) as "essential" employees. Which means they can get back to work.

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Helping You Buy Property

(7 days ago) Ensure you receive all title insurance policies, warranties and property records. Consider us your personal advisors and advocates, zealously guarding your interests, anticipating and avoiding potential problems, and finding solutions for any problems that arise. Save $50 on your closing. It’s easy! Simply prepay in full at the onset of an

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Do I HAVE to shovel

(8 days ago) Here’s the lowdown on snow removal in Chicago: You must shovel as soon as possible after snow falls—seven days a week. There is no “weekend” exception. Snow that falls between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm must be cleared by 10:00 pm. Snow that falls between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am must be cleared by 10:00 am. You must clear at least a five-foot wide

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We hit 100 Yelp reviews! Read the good, the bad and the

(3 days ago) Michael H. Wasserman - Generally Civil Practice of Law. One hundred reviews ago, our firm didn’t take Yelp seriously. We knew word of mouth was important, and that Yelp was an easy way for people to leave reviews about pizza joints, taverns and such.

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