Professional Real Estate Translation Service

Each language has its own unique way of using real estate abbreviations, slang, dialectal differences, and other language characteristics. It takes a professional translation company with experienced real estate translators to represent any real estate or housing business in a professional manner. It's been proven many times that using machine translation for real estate listings is not a

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French to English real estate translation

(6 days ago) Real estate translation can cover everything from property descriptions to legal documents such as power of attorney paperwork, so requires a thorough and highly accurate translator in order to do it property. Tomedes has a network of professional human translators around the world who are known for their attention to detail and their high

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Hebrew to English real estate translation

(6 days ago) Real estate translation can also assist in cases where an individual has inherited a property in another country, where a property is being rented out to foreign tenants and in many other situations. Recently, a new client approached Tomedes about using our Hebrew translation service in order to assist him in managing the purchase of a property.

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Spanish Translation for Real Estate and Housing Associations

(3 days ago) Real estate agencies need to communicate with Spanish communities all over North America, as well as in various parts of Europe, and will benefit using our Spanish translation services for real estate and housing. To get a free quote with low translation rates for any real estate document, simply send us your text using the top menu.

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Italian to English Real Estate Translation

(Just Now) The real estate translation from Italian to English was a 15,000 word document in PDF format. For technical Italian translation of real estate such as this, typically two Italian translators with real estate translation experience are assigned, along with two Italian proofreaders, and a real estate project translation supervisor.

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French to English real estate document translation

(1 days ago) Tomedes recently worked with a client who needed help to understand a number of legal papers, which centred on a real estate transaction. The client’s real estate translation was from French to English. While she could speak the former very proficiently, some of the legal terms in the paperwork had left her stumped.

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Portuguese to English real estate translation

(6 days ago) Cross-border real estate investment is big business and the market is alive and well. That’s why many investors turn to professional translation services to support their investment decisions. After all, the right real estate translation could make the difference between the investor opting for a hugely profitable development and one that struggles to break even.

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Urgent French to English real estate translation

(9 days ago) The world of real estate can move incredibly slowly at times, but then pick up the pace and result in a frantic flurry of activity. This was precisely what happened to a recent Tomedes client, who was buying a house in France. After waiting what felt like forever for all the paperwork to be in order, the process was suddenly sprinting ahead

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English to Hebrew real estate translation

(1 days ago) This is why the client was so keen for his real estate translation to go ahead. He wanted to read the fine print in his native Hebrew, to ensure that he understood the property purchase every step of the way. As buying a house isn’t always a quick process, there were often breaks in between the translation of the various documents.

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Polish to English Real Estate Contract Translation

(5 days ago) Polish is one of the most common Slavic languages that we receive translation requests for. Some of the most common requests are for legal, medical, academic and technological translations. Most recently, the Polish translators at Tomedes translated a real estate contract from Polish into English for an American international real estate investor.

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English to Russian real estate

(3 days ago) International real estate transactions aren’t simply about people moving from one country to another. Holiday home purchases, property inheritance and private rental arrangements can all give rise to the need for professional real estate translation. Most recently, a client asked Tomedes to help translate his property documents from English

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Tamil to English real estate translation

(1 days ago) While she spoke a little Tamil, she wasn’t confident reading or writing it, so sought out our professional real estate translation service. Spoken mainly by the Tamil people living in the Indian subcontinent, Tamil enjoys official status in India, Sri Lanka and Singapore, as well as being spoken in Malaysia, Mauritius, Réunion, Vietnam and a

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Turkish to English Real Estate Translation

(Just Now) International property transactions require many documents to be translated, like the Turkish to English real estate translation that Tomedes undertook. Turkish to English Real Estate Translation [email protected]com | US: +1 985 239 0142 | UK: +44 (0)16 1509 6140 |

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Portuguese to English Real Estate Translation

(3 days ago) Last week, Tomedes was asked to undertake the urgent Portuguese to English translation of a batch of real estate documents.. Purchasing a property overseas can be a tricky business, particularly when the paperwork is presented in a foreign language.This was the case for a recent client who was in the process of purchasing a property in Portugal.

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Professional Russian Translation of Real Estate Contract

(8 days ago) Real estate contracts are one of those projects that come across our translators desks quite frequently. Most recently, our team of Russian translators worked with a brand new client in Russia to translate some important real estate documents, including a home purchase agreement and a couple rental agreements.

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English to Spanish Real Estate Translation

(Just Now) The overseas letting business has been thriving in recent years and last week resulted in Tomedes completing an English to Spanish real estate translation for a new client.. Owning a second home overseas can have both financial and lifestyle benefits, and can even provide a place to retire to for individuals in their golden years.

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Hebrew to English Real Estate Translation

(9 days ago) Just three days later, our translator had prepared the English version of the real estate document, which then passed to a member of our proofreading team for quality assurance purposes. Following confirmation that the translation was flawless, it was passed back to the clients , who were thrilled to be able to understand the intricacies of the

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Translation of a real estate business presentation from

(9 days ago) Sales tools such as these are invaluable for a wide range of companies and particularly for businesses in the real estate sector. Tomedes was recently asked to undertake the translation of a real estate business presentation from Hebrew to English. The client planned to reach out to new markets and knew that in order to do so he had to provide

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Finnish to English real estate translation

(7 days ago) Thankfully, real estate translation can take much of the pain out of the process. A Tomedes client recently found this out for herself when she asked us for Finnish to English translation services to help her purchase a second home. Based in the UK, the client had had her heart set on buying a property in Finland for many years.

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Danish to English Real Estate Translation

(9 days ago) Tomedes recently undertook a Danish to English real estate translation on behalf of a new client. The translation was of a rental contract for an individual who was moving to Denmark from the UK for work. Her Danish was not yet very good and she had been reluctant to sign a rental agreement for an apartment without understanding its contents, so she wanted to read the contract in English.

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English to Russian Translation of Real Estate Assessment

(2 days ago) Real Estate Translation Growth in 2012. Essentially what this meant for our translators is a highly technical translation from English to Russian. The appraisal and assessment document had high diction and technical terms relevant to land development, zoning, tax customs, and other technicalities specific to Astana city government.

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Legal Translation for Real Estate Lending Firm

(1 days ago) A steep rise in international real estate investment and sale activity has led to increased demand for legal translation services in the real estate industry. Continued increased activity in international real estate only heightens the need for professional language translation services with expertise in this area.

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German to English legal document translation

(1 days ago) A recent client requested German to English translation for a batch of legal documents, in relation to a real estate matter that he needed to sort out. He was in a rush, so opted for the Tomedes urgent translation service, to make sure that he received his translation in the shortest time possible.

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The leading professional proofreading service

(8 days ago) We provide proofreading services to clients worldwide on a daily basis, in nearly any language. So whether you need proofreading for of educational materials going to Montreal, Spanish proofreading for real estate documents in Pasadena, or proofreading for Russian translation of business documents in New York, we have been providing professional translation proofreading for years, and have

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Portuguese to English Mortgage Agreement Translation

(7 days ago) Real Estate Translation NOV 20, 2014 By Ofer Tirosh Tomedes was pleased to be able to help a retired couple purchase their dream second home recently, thanks to the Portuguese to English real estate translation that we undertook for them.

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New York City Translation Services

(9 days ago) Translation services in New York City will range from a variety of industries. Tomedes accommodates industries in New York such as banking and finance, technology, luxury, medical, legal, government, and more, providing accuracy and quality to every translation project. Here are the industries for the greater New York City region.

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Portuguese to English Financial Translation

(4 days ago) Part of providing an outstanding real estate translation service is ensuring that the translator has top notch financial skills. When it comes to financial translation, the stakes are high, as financial documentation needs to be 100% accurate in whichever language it is written. The translator must deliver a precise version of the information

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The Leading Turkish to English Translation Service

(6 days ago) Professional Turkish to English translation service by experienced translators - 24 HR, Reliable, Great prices. We provide Turkish documents translations, Turkish websites translations, Turkish certificates translations, legal and financial Turkish translations. Get an instant quote online now

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The Leading Spanish to English Translation Service

(6 days ago) Often when recent immigrants don't know enough English, they require Spanish-English translation of just about any relevant document, such as birth certificates and green cards, driver's licenses, resumes, real estate documents and owner titles – the list goes on.

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Are different standards acceptable for different types of

(6 days ago) Legal, medical and real estate translation, for example, certainly don’t encourage creativity when it comes to converting text from one language into another. In these (and many other) sectors, the focus is on translating incredibly closely to the original copy.

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Urgent Italian Translation of Commercial Business Documents

(4 days ago) real estate translation for foreign investments, sales or purchases Many other types of translation fall under commerce and business, and we provide professional translation service for all industries and every major language, as well as some less common ones.

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Proofreading and Translation

(6 days ago) Tomedes is a leading translation company, providing not only professional document translation service, but we also are a top resource and authority for translation proofreading service. Ensure the accuracy and professionalism of your translation with a professional proofreading service; start with a free quote and the lowest translation rates available.

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A Slovak translation service of a terms agreement

(Just Now) Tomedes was contacted by a client from Nevada, US. The client represents a real-estate company that specializes in corporate property. In this case, the client was about to purchase a new property from a Slovakian seller, and the client wanted to have their terms of sale document translated by a professional translator into Slovak so that the seller could read the agreement in their native tongue.

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Translation Solutions Tomedes

(5 days ago) Diploma Translation Services. We translate high school and college diplomas for university applications and career placements. Our diploma translation services are accurate and guaranteed, for a year after delivery. Get your diploma translated into over 815 languages and 950 language pairs. GET STARTED.

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A professional translation for a Hebrew magazine

(8 days ago) A magazine editor wanted to send us content on an ongoing basis, but to begin with, he requested that we perform a single article translation.

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5 Tips About Legal Translation Service

(4 days ago) Professional legal translation service is a highly skilled professional that requires experience and a great deal of training and knowledge. Be sure that your translation service has qualified legal translators that procure accurate legal document translations. Start with a free, no info-required quote.

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Tongan Custody Agreement Translation

(4 days ago) Legal translation requests are among the most common translation projects carried out at Tomedes.Some of the common legal translations we work on are divorce decrees, custody agreements, legal contracts, real estate legal documents, legal business …

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Financial Translation for Stock Exchange

(8 days ago) We provide financial translation service on a regular basis for dozens of purposes; from financial business translation to financial real estate translation and much more. Recently a client from San Jose, CA (specific details about clients are prohibited from disclosure due to confidentiality agreements) requested stock exchange report

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An accurate Hebrew translation of a product catalog

(5 days ago) The catalog the company wanted us to translate contained a variety of different industrial adhesives, each one suited to a different situation.

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The Leading German to English Translation Service

(5 days ago) Whether a foreign investment, commerce and trade, property and real estate, or any other business, there are things to be aware of regarding any professional German translation. There are huge lists of German laws and regulations regarding any kind of trade, transaction or business affair on German soil, or across national lines.

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Technical Document Translation in Washington D.C.

(4 days ago) technical financial translation in New York, technical real estate translation in Las Vegas, Italian textbook translation and many other technical translations in nearly every city. Our network of translators is over 5,000 worldwide, allowing us to provide professional technical translation service in any industry or language.

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Professional Greek Translation of a Financial Agreement

(8 days ago) Always use professional translation services when a financial or business contract is in question, or must be translated for both parties involved. If …

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English to Albanian Translation Service

(7 days ago) Albania is actively seeking to develop economically, with a focus in developing businesses in banking, information technology, trade, telecommunication and infrastructure, real estate and …

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Hebrew to Chinese hotel manual translation

(Just Now) International tourism requires countries to reach out to tourists in multiple languages, making professional translation essential

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Professional Russian Translation of a Smartphone App

(Just Now) The client, who was also the app s developer, wished to have an accurate Russian localization of his app s marketing copy.

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Portuguese to English Translation of Marketing Brochures

(9 days ago) The translators are Tomedes are old pros at translating marketing materials for businesses and corporations of all sizes. Recently, our team translated some marketing brochures from Portugese into English for a Brazilian real estate company. It was a three page brochure and we used two of our best Portugege translators for the job.

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Russian to English Translation for Government Agency

(8 days ago) Over two million immigrants moved from Russia to US between 2000-2009, that's why Russian to English translation is a common language pair

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