Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for: Collecting all taxes for Pennington County, including real estate and mobile home taxes and special assessments. Issuing titles and licenses for new and used motor vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, snowmobiles and boats. Releasing and notating motor vehicle liens. Assisting taxpayers in applying for

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Register of Deeds

(6 days ago) The Register of Deeds Office keeps full and true computerized, filmed and scanned records of deeds, mortgages and other instruments authorized by law to be recorded. Filings consist of UCC's, fictitious names, bills of sale, county indigent liens, sheriff's levy, personal property liens, federal tax liens, state tax liens and other

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Pennington County Equalization Office > Home

(7 days ago) Pennington County, the Director of Equalization, and any department, office or employee thereof shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of any cause relating to use of this application, including but not limited to mistakes, omissions, deletions, errors, or defects in any information contained in these pages, or any failure

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(1 days ago) 12. REZONE / RZ 21-14: TDG Real Estate, LLC; Mike Gennaro. To rezone 8.79 acres from Agriculture District to Rural Residential District in accordance with Sections 205, 207, and 508 of the Pennington County Zoning Ordinance. All of Glendale #1 Lode MS 1111, Section 14, T2S, R6E, BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota. 13.

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Auditor's Office

(9 days ago) The Auditor’s Office is responsible for auditing all accounts and maintaining all financial records in and for Pennington County. This includes processing payroll, preparing the annual budget, establishing levies and apportioning of all tax collections. Monthly audits of all cash and cash items in the hands of the County Treasurer and a verification of bank account balances …

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Pennington County Jail

(7 days ago) Promoting safety and justice to improve the quality of life in our community In response to COVID-19 “Coronavirus”, the Pennington County Jail will be taking steps to protect staff, inmates, and visitors from unnecessary exposure. All visitors to the Pennington County Jail are encouraged to use alternate forms of communication rather than physically visiting the Jail. …

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Land Notification

(4 days ago) The Land Notification system gives you the ability to monitor a name for real estate activity. You can create one or more alerts that are triggered when real estate records for the name in the alert is recorded with the Pennington County Register of Deeds. When an alert is triggered, an email will be sent to the email address provided in the alert.

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Vehicle Title & License

(Just Now) Vehicle Title & License. The Treasurer’s Office titles and licenses all new and used motor vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, snowmobile, boats, ATV’S and commercial vehicles in Pennington County. It also releases and notates motor vehicle liens and assists taxpayers in applying for duplicate titles. All portable handicap permits are issued

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Sheriff's Office

(1 days ago) The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office serves over 100,000 citizens spread across Pennington County’s 2,776 square miles.  We also serve a high number of visitors and tourists to our area as Pennington County is home to Mount Rushmore National Monument and Ellsworth Air Force Base. Our Office employs over 400 employees with an annual …

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CO/ Deputy Hiring Process

(Just Now) Correctional Officer and Deputy Sheriff Hiring Process The Pennington County Sheriff's Office has up to 4 Recruitment Campaigns to hire Correctional Officers and Sheriff Deputies throughout each year. The hiring dates for these positions are in February, May, July and November. However, the hiring process takes several weeks and contains multiple steps.    Before you …

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Wastewater Systems

(3 days ago) An on-site wastewater treatment system consists of four major components: the building sewer (pipe exiting home), the septic tank, the drainfield (or absorption system) and the soil. The septic tank separates the solids from the liquids before the liquid (or effluent) enters the drainfield. The absorption system then disperses the effluent into

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Landlord-Tenant Rights

(9 days ago) << Law Enforcement Division HomeNote: This information restates South Dakota Landlord/Tenant law. Each legal problem depends on the unique facts of that case. The explanations of the law in this pamphlet are not meant as advice on your legal problem. If you have a landlord/tenant problem you cannot solve, see an attorney.IntroductionAnyone who …

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Download Property Files

(Just Now) DisclaimerEvery effort has been made to offer the most current and correct information possible in these files. The information included has been compiled by county staff from a variety of sources, and is subject to change without notice. The Pennington County Equalization Department makes no warranties or representations whatsoever regarding the quality, content, completeness, …

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Volunteer Fire Departments

(6 days ago) PENNINGTON COUNTY VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENTS. (including surrounding counties) BATTLE CREEK FIRE DISTRICT - Facebook. PIEDMONT VFD - Facebook. BLACK HAWK VFD - Facebook. QUINN VFD - Facebook. BOX ELDER VFD - Facebook, Website.

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Domestic Violence/Property Crimes

(3 days ago) << Investigations Division Home. The Domestic Violence & Property Crimes section of the PCSO Investigations Division is responsible for investigating crimes involving Simple Assault/Domestic Violence, Aggravated Assault/Domestic Violence, Violation of Protection Order, Violation of No Contact Bond, Stalking, and other crimes where the primary motive is financial gain or vandalism.

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Reductions & Exemptions

(Just Now) The Equalization Department is also responsible for administering various tax reduction or tax exemptions specified in South Dakota law. These include: owner-occupied classification, historical moratorium, paraplegic reduction of taxes, paraplegic and disabled veteran exemption, and the various exemptions for religious organizations, charities, and schools. For more information …

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Appeal an Assessment

(9 days ago) All property owners have the right to appeal the assessment of their property. If an owner thinks that a property is assessed greater than market value or unequal in relation to similar properties, an appeal should be filed. An assessment appeal is an argument regarding the accuracy or equality of the assessment, not a complaint about the tax amount. A complaint about taxes, or …

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(1 days ago) Resolution: TDG Real Estate, LLC; Mike Gennaro (Cont. from 5/18/21 BOC meeting) p. Public Hearing of Rezone / RZ 21-14: TDG Real Estate, LLC; Mike Gennaro (Cont. from 5/18/21 BOC meeting) q. Public Hearing of Comprehensive Plan Amendment / CA 21-10 Approval by Resolution: Lyndon Bolt / GL Development Co. LLC r.

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Veterans Services

(6 days ago) Veterans Services. Pennington County Veteran Service Office will continue to provide appointments by telephone. Should you prefer an office appointment, please contact the Veteran Service Office at 605-394-2266 prior to walking in so an appointment can be scheduled. Additional time may be required for an office appointment to adhere to CDC

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Northwest Shuttle

(Just Now) If you are a law enforcement agency and are interested in being an active participant in the Northwest Shuttle or have any questions, you can contact The South Dakota State Northwest Shuttle Coordinator. The coordinator is an employee of the Pennington County Sheriff's Office and can be reached by calling 605-394-6117 or e-mail us using the

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4-H Member Record Book

(Just Now) 3. Put together your book. While there is no required covering for your record book we do recommend a traditional 4-H green Record Book cover. Record Book covers are available for $3 at the Pennington County 4-H office. Independent members will also need to complete the Independent Member Standards Form and meet with a 4-H Advisor.

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Inmate Email & Mail

(4 days ago) The Pennington County Jail recognizes the importance for inmates to maintain ties with family and friends. Email. E-mail can be sent to inmates for $0.50 per message through You must establish an account with and have a valid credit card on file to send or receive messages from inmates. E-mail can be purchased in advance at a minimum of $5.00.

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Outdoor Warning Sirens

(9 days ago) Outdoor public warning sirens in Pennington County will be used to alert citizens of impending danger. Sirens can be sounded for any life-threatening, all-risk, all-hazard emergency from natural threats or human-caused threats including high winds, large hail, wildfires, acts of terrorism, dam failure, flash flood, tornadoes and spills of hazardous materials. When an outdoor siren …

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Information Technology

(5 days ago) Information Technology. The Pennington County Information Technology Department provides a variety of services to County Departments to support the business needs of Pennington County. These services include consulting, system development, Internet, strategic planning, data center services, application support and network services.

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Health & Human Services

(6 days ago) If you need or are looking for information on COVID-19 or other vaccinations, please contact your primary care provider; go to; or call the SD Department of Health at 605-394-2516. Pennington County Health and Human Services consists of two different agencies; County Economic Assistance and Veteran's Service Office.

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Specialized Court Programs

(4 days ago) DRUG COURT The Pennington County drug court program has been operating since 2016. The five-phase intervention program helps people who are significantly affected by drug addictions. The program differs in length based on the individual participant, but takes a minimum of fourteen months to complete. Pennington County had their first drug court participant graduate on …

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Inmate Telephone

(Just Now) Click one of the following links to get started with an inmate phone account: &nbsp; ADVANCE CONNECT AdvanceConnect&trade; is a prepaid calling account that puts you in control, allowing you to manage how much you spend on inmate calling. &nbsp; COLLECT (DIRECT BILL) Direct Bill allows you to receive calls from inmates and have the call charges billed directly to you …

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