Real Estate NFTs: How It Began

Real estate transactions are long, tedious and archaic. I was hoping to show it was possible to change. We have already seen a new generation of home buyers looking for other solutions beyond the

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11 Predictions For The Future Of The Real Estate Market

(Just Now) The real estate market was thrown into a tumultuous state when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Between people losing work and being afraid or unable to move, the year in lockdown made a significant

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The Richest Real Estate Billionaires On The 2021 Forbes

(Just Now) The biggest gainer is Chicago-based gambling and real estate mogul Neil Bluhm, whose net worth grew by $2.4 billion to $6.4 billion—but that was largely thanks to his shares in publicly traded

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Top 10 Things To Watch In Commercial Real Estate In 2022

(1 days ago) Commercial real estate markets are likely to improve further in 2022 as the economy continues to [+] recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. Prediction: Property transactions will rise further in

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A Guide To Investing In Real Estate Syndications

(6 days ago) The Real Estate Syndicator. Real estate syndicators, also referred to as general partners (GPs), are responsible for structuring and operating the …

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This Week In XR: Virtual Real Estate Commands Real …

(1 days ago) The Toronto virtual real estate division of the real real estate investment trust plans to build a portfolio of properties in Decentraland, Somnium Space, Sandbox and …

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Six Steps To Building A Great Real Estate Sales System

(2 days ago) In real estate, there are six critical steps to building a great sales system: 1. Organize Your Leads. First, collect all your leads and consolidate them in one place. If you haven't done so

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What Celebrities Look For When Buying A Home In New …

(Just Now) Million Dollar Listing New York’s real estate broker Kirsten Jordan, who leads the Kirsten Jordan team at Douglas Elliman, says it comes down to a few factors. 155 Franklin.

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How NYC’s Tech Boom Will Impact Real Estate

(5 days ago) Robert Rahmanian, co-founder of real estate brokerage REAL New York, believes the new employees will crave convenience and will want to be in close proximity to their offices, so will settle in

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Boise Is Booming. Real Estate Investors Should Take Note.

(6 days ago) 6 Things Every Real Estate Agent Should Do Before The Year Ends Dec 2, 2021, 03:02pm EST Aston Martin Residences Executives Discuss Project’s Vision As …

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The Future Of Office Real Estate

(5 days ago) The cost of downtown real estate is high enough that renting a suburban co-working space for a worker is a good deal. At least, it’s a good deal if the company does not also reserve space for

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NFT In The Real Estate Industry: Short-Term Trend Or An

(7 days ago) The tokenization of real estate works in the same way as the digitization of offline artwork: The token represents the ownership information of the asset, recorded on a blockchain. In the process

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ESG Proptech Trends For A Sustainable Future In Real Estate

(2 days ago) In order to make changes, you first need to measure what is actually happening. According to Fingert, Measurabl (an ESG tech platform for real estate) is the global leader in this space, and this

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Get Started In Real Estate: Four Properties Perfect For

(Just Now) A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a great option for first-time investors because it doesn’t involve actively buying or managing a property. REITs are companies that own and/or operate

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Choosing With Their Dollars: High-End Real Estate Buyers

(1 days ago) New York is in love with the new. During week after week in the fall of 2021, buyers at the upper end of the real estate market have been choosing with their dollars. What they choose, time and

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Home Buyers Hurt By Industry Dominance Of State Real

(6 days ago) Home buyers are being hurt by industry dominance of state real estate commissions, the Consumer Federation of America asserts in a new report. As evidence of the dominance, CFA said it found of

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Advice For Real Estate Agents, Buyers And Sellers Heading

(4 days ago) Josh Cooley is the owner/operator of a successful real estate business in Eugene, Oregon and Head Coach at Reger Coaching and Consulting. 2021 is a strong seller’s market — and we expect that

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When Unmarried Couples Own Real Estate Together

(3 days ago) Ownership of real estate is only one aspect of planning for unmarried couples. Retirement account, life insurance, investment accounts and digital assets also pose a challenge. With the correct

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The Case For Brands Acquiring Retail Real Estate

(2 days ago) Acquiring real estate is an investment for established brands. Despite the changing demand for physical retail locations, there’s still an advantage in owning property for more prominent

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4 Budgeting Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Follow

(7 days ago) 4 Budgeting Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Follow. Unsplash. Whether you’re just starting out in real estate (congratulations!) or making the switch from another career, there’s a lot of

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Building A Passive Real Estate Portfolio For Retirement Income

(4 days ago) A REIT is a company that owns, operates or finances real estate generating a steady stream of income for investors. The real estate can be in multifamily rental properties, hotels, distribution

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Global Wellness Real Estate Market Continues Surge During

(7 days ago) Wellness real estate has been seeing double digit growth in recent years, even during the pandemic. All 10 international markets saw that level of expansion in the three years prior to Covid-19

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How To Raise Capital For Your Real Estate Projects

(3 days ago) Reliable, profitable and widely available, real estate is an excellent investment choice. The benefits of real estate investments, from …

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Bitcoin-Exclusive Commercial Real Estate Offer In New York

(4 days ago) A set of retail condos in New York City is selling for $29 million exclusively in Bitcoin, signaling a growing trend of luxury real estate purchases being made using cryptocurrency. PARIS, FRANCE

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The Manhattan Real Estate Market May Be At An Inflection

(7 days ago) 2. Elevated demand. Busy seasons in real estate begin with sellers and end with buyers — new listings come on the market, and several weeks later, signed contracts take them off.

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14 Important Factors Impacting Commercial Real Estate In

(7 days ago) The availability of capital is one of the primary factors that has kept specific commercial real estate sectors thriving through the pandemic. In past recessions, there was a …

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Five Tax Deductions Real Estate Pros Often Miss

(9 days ago) So real estate professionals, I want you to remember the five “costs” that are often overlooked: technology costs, travel costs, home …

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Investing In Austin Real Estate

(7 days ago) Over the last 10 years, Austin was the fastest-growing big city in the country. Making an investment in Austin real estate- find the best rent range to do so in.

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More Bad News For China’s Sorry Real Estate Market, UBS Says

(4 days ago) The hits keep on coming for China’s economy. This time the news is the country’s already beleaguered real estate sector is set for more bad …

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New York After Covid-19: How Are Rent And Real Estate

(4 days ago) New York real estate was on shaky ground last year, as it was among the first epicenters in the U.S. for the Covid-19 pandemic. Stories of New Yorkers fleeing for the suburbs and commercial

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How Real Estate Investors Can Use Artificial Intelligence

(5 days ago) As a real estate investor, operator and syndicator through my company Blue Lake Capital, a significant part of our analysis when considering properties to …

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What Does ‘Two Business Days’ Actually Mean In Real Estate

(3 days ago) Top 10 Things To Watch In Commercial Real Estate In 2022. Nov 30, 2021, 07:41pm EST. The Ultimate Guide To Home Fragrances For The Holidays And Beyond. Nov 30, 2021, 09:30am EST.

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Meet The Members Of Forbes Real Estate Council

(5 days ago) Forbes Real Estate Council is an invitation-only community that supports senior-level real estate professionals with a multitude of benefits, including connections to other successful executives

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14 Smart Ways To Maximize Your Real Estate Social Media

(1 days ago) Real estate professionals should post their present career level and/or real estate investment process. Build with those you relate with. Mutual growth will benefit both parties. Whether new or

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Real Estate Is Becoming A Digital Asset: 5 Trends For The

(3 days ago) Real Estate Is Becoming A Digital Asset: 5 Trends For The Coming Decade And The Coronavirus Effect. Propy Inc. Yesterday, I had a call with one of my company’s larger customers. It has been five

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The Best Real Estate Podcasts To Download While Stuck At Home

(4 days ago) Real Estate Rockstars. Best-selling real estate author Pat Hiban has hosted everyone from up-and-coming agents to seasoned veterans, including Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran and Ryan Serhant of

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Real Estate Overseas: Five Reasons To Invest In Canada

(8 days ago) Canada's real estate sector has shown steady growth for more than 20 years, especially in Montreal, where the real estate market grows by 5.5% every year, even during the pandemic. Therefore, it

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Weibo’s Wicked Results As Real Estate Policy Adjusts

(5 days ago) Real estate was the best performing sector in both China +7.87% and Hong Kong +5.19% on the news. Hong Kong-listed internet stocks ripped on the Didi news with Meituan +1.8%, Alibaba HK +1.24%

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Kanye West Has A Vision For Real Estate Development, Too

(9 days ago) A famed rapper, producer and fashion designer, West has been dabbling in real estate for several years now, much like President Donald Trump, whose family …

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What Happened To The Expected Year-End Estate Tax Changes

(6 days ago) Second, the federal estate tax exemption amount is still dropping on January 1, 2026 from $11 million to $5 million (adjusted for inflation). That is only four years away and Congress could still

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The Top PropTech Trends: 6 Technologies Disrupting The

(Just Now) The real estate and property industry has resisted change for a long time but is now being disrupted by some major technology trends, including big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality

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Six Of The Worst Real Estate Investments

(8 days ago) 6. Foreign real estate. You might be OK buying real estate in Canada or Britain – however don’t forget about the foreign currency risk — …

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The 6 Steps to Create a Real Estate Investing Road Map

(Just Now) When I speak at conferences and workshops, I meet countless people hoping to invest in real estate. They recognize the amazing opportunities and benefits that make real estate more attractive than

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