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(4 days ago) Real Estate - Brokers, appraisals, development, lease, investing, relocation, apartments, houses, condos, values, mortgages, loans

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Average Length of "Protected Period" after Agmt Expires

(8 days ago) if an appraisal comes in under, what is the normal average time period allowed for, Real Estate, 18 replies "Priced to sell" and "It won't last long at this price", Real Estate, 17 replies Listing agreement expires soon - is it inappropriate to get a "second opinion"?, Real Estate, 22 replies

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Why are so many realtors complete morons

(4 days ago) Real Estate is a very important profession and as of now, is the easiest white collar career to enter. I don't believe that RE sales people require BAs or MAs. But certainly, there should be some uniform standard. 06-14-2015, 12:52 AM 601halfdozen0theother : 6,327 posts, read 5,959,732

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Municipal Lien Certificate

(2 days ago) This is why it's good to ask real estate questions locally. A Municipal Lien Certificate also commonly referred to as an MLC is typically recorded every time title changes hands in Massachusetts. It is recorded to show all taxes and assessments minus …

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Texas After Home Closing Seller Did not finish Repairs

(2 days ago) During the buying process, buyers real estate agent negotiated with seller (we did not participate in the discussions) and we signed a repairs amendment in which seller agreed to make some repairs. Our buyers real estate agent told us the repairs are done and we can move the closing day earlier. We wanted a final walkthrough before closing but

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What is Pending Feasibility)

(Just Now) Realtors Please help; Option pending vs Option pending continue to show, Real Estate, 16 replies HEB feasibility study, El Paso, 33 replies Feasibility of reverse commute from NYC to Metropark then drive 12 miles to Piscataway, New Jersey, 13 replies The Feasibility of Time Travel., Science and Technology, 0 replies

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Being Sued for Broker Commission (contingency, documents

(4 days ago) A few months ago I found an real estate agent who showed me about 5 houses. I didn't like either. He then tells me he wants me to sign an buyer-broker contract, and he will continue his search. I initialized a few spots, but I never put my signature at the signature line, because I didn't agree with some of the terms (for ex, I didn't want to

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is there a way to find old listing pictures of sold houses

(Just Now) Awful listing pictures, Real Estate, 99 replies Guy next door sold his house on Craigslist within 12 hrs of listing it., Real Estate, 11 replies Photoshopping pictures on a listing?, Real Estate, 72 replies Do you find these listing pictures odd?, Real Estate, 17 replies Homes Sold not on MLS listing, Real Estate, 6 replies

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Who holds the earnest money with a FSBO

(3 days ago) Any real estate attorney can advise you. 04-13-2010, 06:38 PM MikeJaquish : Location: Cary, NC. 36,936 posts, read 64,282,078 times Reputation: 36954. Quote: Originally Posted by mcm2010. As a seller of FSBO, twice, I was given the earnest money. When I was the buyer of a FSBO, twice, I gave the seller the earnest money.

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Are realtors allowed to split their commision with a buyer

(3 days ago) Do most realtors have to split the commission?, Real Estate Professionals, 6 replies Realtors- How many homes do you usually show a buyer?, Real Estate Professionals, 20 replies Realtors,what's your commission split?, Real Estate Professionals, 13 replies buyer's agents v. realtors -difference, Real Estate Professionals, 7 replies

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San Diego, California (CA) profile: population, maps, real

(5 days ago) Median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with mortgages in 2019: $5,059 (0.8%) Median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with no mortgage in 2019: $2,990 (0.5%) Nearest cities:

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Who has it better

(6 days ago) My pipeline last year included about 20 real estate agents. The lowest 1099 was in the mid 100's. The highest, well over 7 figures. But everyone that wanted to work hard, earned good money, whether they were LO or REA. I don't think either one works harder, they work different. I work hard to earn a loyal following, by keeping better track of

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What Should Rural Appraisal Cost

(8 days ago) You could also check to see if real estate brokers in the area could provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis. 05-30-2014, 07:15 PM HockeyDadof2 : Location: Plano, TX. 489 posts, read 1,321,535 times Reputation: 399. Seems reasonable to me. If someone called me right now for such an assignment I wouldn't be able to do it.

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Power of Attorney to Realtor

(8 days ago) Anything I need to be particularly concerned about, wary of, alert to, for giving power of attorney (POA) to my Realtor? I am the Seller. I am moving Oct 21, flying out of my city Oct 22 to move from MN to WA, but the closing of my house sale will not happen until a week or two after that.

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What is a fair commission

(5 days ago) I live in a large development in Brooklyn in a pretty desirable area (not the top top but still nice) where I may eventually sell my co-op apartment. It's 3 1/2 rooms. There is a real estate company that our Board of Directors sanctions, and they want to take 4% commission for the sale. I am not sure if this is the best way to go. Is this fair?

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Real Estate Forum

(5 days ago) Real Estate User Name: Remember Me: Password : Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Real Estate

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Without Real Estate agents

(3 days ago) Maybe under the circumstances, but the presence or utilization of a real estate agent does not suggest that you'll get more. Case in point: I recently (last year) sold a house with a flat fee broker, who also has a full blown agency of their own. Part of the deal was a market analysis. The agent/broker told me to price the property $30k

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Ocala, Florida (FL) profile: population, maps, real estate

(9 days ago) Median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with mortgages in 2019: $1,489 (0.8%) Median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with no mortgage in 2019: $938 (0.7%) Nearest city with pop. 50,000+: Gainesville, FL (35.3 miles , pop. 95,447). Nearest city with pop. 200,000+: Jacksonville, FL (83.2 miles , pop. 735,617).

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What's a listing fee

(3 days ago) I noticed that my real estate listing agent was given a check for the agreed upon 2.5% for selling my home. She also charged me a 'listing fee' of 250. Is that a b*llsh*t fee or what? Shouldn't the listing feel be a cost she swallows? Considering she made over 12k on selling my home you would think 250 is a drop in the bucket for her.

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Why America’s real-estate brokers are such a rip-off

(3 days ago) A real estate license isn’t a big deal to get, and that’s the beginning of the problem. I have several insurance licenses and aside from a few weeks of studying, the state will issue one. They do a background check, but maybe licensed people should have an honesty and ethics check too.

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Springfield, Missouri (MO) profile: population, maps, real

(5 days ago) Median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with mortgages in 2019: $1,069 (0.8%) Median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with no mortgage in 2019: $1,087 (0.9%) Nearest city with pop. 200,000+: Kansas City, MO (147.3 miles , pop. 441,545).

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2021 Real Estate Observations

(1 days ago) A little over a 100% gain over 10 years in greater Boston real estate isn't out of the question. Today, 10:51 AM masssachoicetts : Location: Rahway, NJ. 5,899 posts, read 2,187,679 times Reputation: 4712. Quote: Originally Posted by robr2. When you look at long term history, both houses sold when new in 2006-2008 for $2.6 million.

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Misrepresentation by Realestate Agent -- Need ur feedback

(7 days ago) Misrepresentation -Coop Apt NYC - Missing Sq. Ft., Real Estate, 11 replies Selling your house? Do you have to like your realestate agent to select them?, Real Estate, 19 replies Real Estate Misrepresentation?, Real Estate, 33 replies Is a buyers agent any different than a realestate agent?, Real Estate, 6 replies I can't sell my home.

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Unwritten Offer Question (documents, negotiations, agent

(9 days ago) If a real estate agent is representing both the seller and the buyer what are the pros and cons of giving or receiving an unwritten offer? The buyer does not want to have the agent actually write an offer until the negotiations are complete to save on paperwork.

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Illinois Bigger Cities (over 6000 residents)

(4 days ago) Cities in Illinois. Recent home sales, price trends, and home value evaluator powered by Onboard Informatics

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(1 days ago) Agents: Will you feed all your listings to Z?, Real Estate Professionals, 2 replies Veteran agents who poop on newer agents. Playing the experience card could backfire., Real Estate Professionals, 31 replies What type of business structure do you have?, Real Estate …

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Austin Forum

(8 days ago) NW Austin Real Estate Advice! (1 2) Aquitaine 05-10-2021 06:15 AM by Aquitaine 15: 608: What's the attraction to 6th Street? (1 2 3) CFB 05-09-2021 03:44 PM by ashbeeigh 22: 4,948: Property Tax Appraisals (1 2) asubram3 05-08-2021 07:48 PM by OneOfTheRs 18: 851: Manufactured home community, yes or no?

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Without Real Estate agents

(5 days ago) Yes, a good real estate agent will do exactly that. In fact, I am working with a couple of agents right now who are negotiating up a house I am selling and negotiating down a house I am buying. You have to remember that there are good, average and bad real estate agents just like in …

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How many rooms does my house have

(3 days ago) As it relates to resale, allowable rooms for a count, vary area to area, as designated by local real estate boards and MLS. In my area, for example, a room without a closet can be designated as a bedroom but a bedroom ( with or without a closet) below grade level, is not considered a bedroom.

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Indian culture and negotiations (appraisal, agent

(3 days ago) Their real estate agent should be explaining the customs in the US. Since they have not understood after a first go-around I would not play the game; come back with nearly the same or the identical price you gave last time. 08-01-2014, 09:40 AM FalconheadWest : …

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Paying a Realtor a flat fee to handle paperwork for FSBO

(6 days ago) Otherwise, I'd recommend that you use a real estate attorney to handle the closing. Thanks everyone! I will call around and find an attorney. Although the offer is coming in from an agent the "buyer" is an attorney which makes me nervous. 09-21-2015, 11:03 AM jackmichigan : 7,639 posts, read 9,540,723 times

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Probate of Real estate in TX

(9 days ago) Contact a lawyer who specializes in both real estate and probate where the property is located. If you have no idea how to go about that, contact Lawyer Referral Services in the nearest county/large city near you. e.g. Houston Lawyer Referral Services (Houston LRS).

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Realtor Luncheons---Are they effective

(7 days ago) If I find a buyer for my home without the help of my realtor, what are my obligations to the realtor?, Real Estate, 23 replies realtor of the house we are buying went to "arrange things" with the realtor of the people we are selling to-unprofessio, Real Estate, 35 replies search options - and Realtor control, Real Estate, 5 replies

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TX real estate (sell)

(9 days ago) We're trying to move to TX in a few months, and I'm wondering how the real estate market is going to handle that. 02-20-2021, 04:41 PM Rakin : Location: DFW - Coppell / Las Colinas. 36,921 posts, read 41,130,900 times Reputation: 44677. It's too cold right now for mold plus mold forms when water is allowed to stand or continues to flow.

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Family compounds

(3 days ago) Can you post or send me some photos or real estate listings please. Unfortunately, no. My exposure to these "family compound" properties have been to appraise for a refi of one of the homes in the compound (normally the main house) so the photos would only show a single family residence.

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real estate agent to sue for commission. (agents, contract

(2 days ago) Real estate listings are between the broker and the seller, not the agent and the seller. If an agent wants to sue for a commission, the broker has to do it, not the agent. My agents do have an independent contractors agreement (which is mandated by the state) but I retain the right to decide whether a commission is worth going to court for. In

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Temporary Real Estate Contract

(7 days ago) Receiving counsel from a good real estate attorney would be advisable. Today, 12:32 PM rational1 : 3,166 posts, read 6,275,512 times Reputation: 7215. I've never heard of a "temporary" RE contract. Surely there is a more informative/ more official title.

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Corporate Owned Property: What does this mean in a listing

(4 days ago) Again, as long as it's being reviewed by soneone who knows what they are doing, like a good local real estate attorney, it's not a big deal. 04-13-2009, 12:58 PM middle-aged mom : Location: Barrington. 56,564 posts, read 38,952,757 times Reputation: 18291. I have never seen a relocation company-owned home advertized this way.

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Real estate investing vs. buying a business (tenant, 7%

(6 days ago) Real estate investments these days are long term goals. Franchise investments, you can make a hefty profit into about 5 years. The first couple of years requires a lot of work. My buddy started his frozen yogurt franchise a year ago. So far, he's put over 200K of his own cash into the business while his wife runs the operation full time.

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USAA Real Estate Rewards Network

(1 days ago) Anyone on here (realtor or buyer/seller) have any experience with the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network program. It pays rebates based on the sale/purchase price of the house to buyers and sellers who are USAA members and agree to use one of USAA's network realtors.

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Transaction Licensee Commission (agent, fee, attorney

(7 days ago) Is this an illegal real estate transaction?, Real Estate, 14 replies Using Real Estate Transaction Forms From Staples?, Real Estate, 93 replies Rough Negotiation - Smooth Transaction?, Real Estate, 18 replies How many buyers agents out have refused to lower there commission in a short sale transaction?, Real Estate, 15 replies Which Gar form to

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Buying from relocation company, inspection language in

(9 days ago) That's why they can get away with putting in more restrictive language in the sales contract, because knowledgeable real estate brokers would be aware of the industry standards and can let their buyers know that purchasing a relocation typically has much less risk than just purchasing outright from a normal seller. The idea of using a single

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impersonating real estate agent (real estate market

(1 days ago) Seeking "Good" Real Estate Agent for Sug Grove, Elburn, Geneva, Etc., Chicago Suburbs, 6 replies North Shore Real Estate Agent Recommendation, Chicago Suburbs, 23 replies Elmhurst real estate agent?, Chicago Suburbs, 2 replies Shady real estate agent - short sale, Chicago Suburbs, 21 replies

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Buy & Sell w/same realtor = less commision

(3 days ago) Real Estate Commissions are totally negotiable. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Listing commissions don't go completely to the listing agent. Every transaction has a buyer and seller. The broker gets the money. The brokers split with their agents. In my market 6 to 7% is normal.

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What does "Possession is subject to tenants rights" mean

(9 days ago) Real estate description -- "his"/"her" house?, Real Estate, 11 replies What's a "better deal?" Home 35% off "peak" in outer burbs or Home 15% "off peak" in prime neighborhood?, Real Estate, 14 replies What does "offers subject to third party approval", Real Estate, 9 replies Why does the media not factor in "principal payments" when saying

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Real Estate Transaction tax

(6 days ago) Real Estate Excise Tax, also known as Revenue Stamps, is imposed by North Carolina law (G.S. §105-228.28) and collected by the Register Of Deeds at the time of recording. The transferor (grantor, seller) buys the tax stamp from the Register Of Deeds of …

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Housing prices soaring

(2 days ago) what was the national incentive given to real estate developers and builders after WWII? Quote: Originally Posted by T. Damon. Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956. I'm afraid you'll need to explain how that was an incentive given to developers and builders. 03-13-2021, 04:34 PM

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