House Hunting In America

Real Estate Agents are licensed by each state and you’ll be able to find information through their regulatory bodies about the good and the bad. Picking a real estate agent may seem tricky but there’s a helpful seven point plan here. Once you’ve found your home it can take 60-90 days to complete the deal. A formal offer is made on the

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The Expat Guide to Purchasing a Property in Dubai or the

(8 days ago) Real estate agents in the UAE can provide you with neighborhood guides to find out more about different neighborhoods from amenities and facilities provided by each neighborhood to crime rates, price range and whether they provide you with the same lifestyle that suits you and your family or not. 3- Get familiar with the purchasing process

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52 Great Reasons to Move to America

(5 days ago) In the USA they call it real estate. Affordable large, spacious houses with pools, cellars, massive kitchens and garages is certainly a great reason to move to the USA. 4. Amazing food. Food is taken pretty seriously here and that’s partly due to the hugely rich, cultural diversity which has had a hand in making America what it is today. And

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What are your property options in Australia

(8 days ago) The most relevant in Australia are Real Estate, Real Estate View and Domain. Prime Location and Right Move also offer similar options. Property styles will vary throughout Australia. You can expect to find more apartments in the big cities where location may be more important than size. There are a number of different styles dating back to the

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Why now is the perfect time to buy property in Spain

(Just Now) However, Brits are now buying on average 41 properties per day, or about 14.800 for the last 12 months up to June 2018, in Spain. It is nearly 10 times more than in 2008. Source: HTBIS. Our own statistics at PSS International Removals show that there is no let up in 2019. The reasons why people move to Spain are very clear and are never going

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British family overcome disappointment and buy their dream

(6 days ago) Find out how Valerie Chetty achieved her dream of starting a new life in the Mediterranean with Spanish Homes In The Sun! Sunnier climates, a laid-back lifestyle and lower costs of living – we’ve all dreamt of living abroad. And Europe is that dream place for many, with the continent being the ultimate year-round hotspot […]

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28 Great Reasons to Move to Florida – the Sunshine State

(5 days ago) The buying process is also relatively easy with family real estate agents such as Homes of America who very experienced in guiding British expat families through the buying process. 4: Florida doesn’t collect an individual Income Tax. Yes really! It’s one of 7 states that do not collect individual income tax and its part of the Florida

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What You Need To Know About Living In Vienna

(3 days ago) Renting is fairly straightforward in Vienna but experts recommend using a Real Estate Agent in order to navigate the rental agreements which can be binding. They can also give guidance on which of the 23 districts best suits your needs.

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How can a currency broker help you make the most of your

(3 days ago) Global Reach is a winner of Feefo’s Gold Trusted Service Award, an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, as rated by real customers. If you need to make an overseas money transfer and want to discuss how to protect or make the most of your funds, call +44 (0)20 7989 0000.

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The best areas to buy property if you’re moving to

(3 days ago) Jalon & Orba Valleys. Residing slightly inland gives you the advantage of more space for less cost, and these are ideal locations if you are looking for a taste of real Spain, with life at a much slower pace, and in a tranquil setting. Due to its topography and soil, the Jalon Valley perfect for the cultivation of Grapes and Almonds.

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23 Great Reasons to Move to Spain in 2021

(3 days ago) These include UK real estate agents in Spain, conveyancing and property solicitors and of course international removals from UK to Spain! 19. Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn. Spanish is known to be one of the simplest European languages to learn as well as one of the most beautiful sounding!

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28 Great Reasons to move to Portugal and the Algarve

(3 days ago) It has become so popular that Pure Portugal is an estate agent that specialises in alternative property for smallholding, self-sufficiency, permaculture, off-grid living, or just to live “The Good Life”: the popular BBC 1970’s sitcom showed Tom and Barbara turning their Surbiton home into a small holding – in 2019 the trend is for

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What house can you afford to buy in New Zealand

(Just Now) The New Zealand Property Market in 2019. According to the latest property figures (June 2019) from REINZ, the national average price for a house in NZ is NZ$585,000 (£315,800) when Auckland prices are factored in. That’s up 4.5% from June 2018. If you take the ‘Auckland bubble’ out of the equation however, the national average drops back

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House hunting in Australia

(4 days ago) Many searches can be done online and websites such as Real Estate, Real Estate View and Domain are the most popular. You’ll find a vast array of different styles in Australia. Large open-planned houses with back-yards, swimming pools and air-conditioning are of course popular choices and apartment living is also on-trend in the larger

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Where To Go On Holiday If You Live In Australia – 21 Great

(9 days ago) 9: Stay on a country estate in Bowral. Set in the heart of New South Wales’ Southern Highlands, Bowral is just 90 minutes by car from both Sydney and Canberra, and the town has some great sights. Bong Bong Street has some beautiful architecture and great shopping, with stylish boutiques and independent shops galore.

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The 10 Best Places to Live in Portugal

(7 days ago) The city has a real cosmopolitan vibe to it and that’s what makes it such a great place to live. It does have a growing expat community if that is your thing, although you can find quiet areas in which to live if you want a life of solitude.

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Where in the world are you taxed most as an expat

(8 days ago) 1. As a single economic entity, typical workers across the European Union saw their average “real tax rate” dip slightly this year, from 45.2% to 45.0%. Since 2010, this figure has risen by 1.0%, due mostly to VAT increases in 20 of the 28 states.

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House hunting in Canada

(9 days ago) It details all real estate agents and thousands of properties for sale across Canada. Alternatively The Canadian Real Estate Agent has a Find a Realtor section and allows you to search for professionals in your area. You are likely to find a number of different properties for sale in …

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21 Great Reasons To Move To Melbourne and Victoria in

(7 days ago) Just a short stroll from the city and boasting some impressive, riverside real estate, Southbank and South Wharf also have nightlife options galore. 19) Beautiful Coastlines And Surrounding Countryside. If you love a scenic drive and a good vino, then you’re in luck! Victoria is home to many of Australia’s most beatiful national parks

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10 Great Reasons to Move to Australia’s Gold Coast

(2 days ago) The Gold Coast was so-called due to the tourism boom which the city experienced in the 1950s which led to real estate and living costs rising very suddenly. Things have certainly levelled out now though and it’s now one of the fastest growing regions of Australia with many Australians deserting Sydney and Melbourne in favour of the better

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The Best Australian Movies To Help You Understand More

(1 days ago) The character of Dundee is based on Rod Ansell, a real life Australian buffalo grazier who shot to fame after he was stranded in a remote part of the Fitzmaurice River in Western Australia whilst on a fishing (crocodile poaching!) trip. He was out there alone for 56 days with just his 2 dogs for company, and meagre supplies.

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What Property Can You Afford To Buy In Australia In 2018

(5 days ago) For those of you in the UK looking for somewhere to find great real estate at good prices, you would be foolish to ignore this city. Furthermore, for even better value for money, you could look further afield in the Northern Territory. Darwin City Centre A$800,000 (£440,000)

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Everything you need to know about moving to New Zealand

(4 days ago) • For information on properties to rent or buy Real Estate NZ and Emigrate NZ • A full list of rental agencies – Yellow • Government assistance for families – Government NZ. If you are considering emigrating with a young family, New Zealand’s schools and campuses are generally safe with generous play areas and fantastic access to

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The 21 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Move To

(3 days ago) Then leading Real Estate Agents Ray White is a must follow to find your dream property – with or without pool. View this post on Instagram On the market for the first time is this extraordinary resort-style Oxford St family home in the heart of Melbourne’s Box Hill.

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The Future’s Orange

(5 days ago) Housing: Looking for you perfect property while living many miles away may seem impossible, but it’s just a case of finding the right real estate agent for you. Berger Realty & Investments showcase a wide range of services to suit even the most discerning buyer. Their services include:

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Changes to UAE visas and foreign ownership rules means

(8 days ago) With such a large area of land, it could be that real-estate is the sector which will experience the greatest benefits from Sheikh Mohammed’s declaration. For UK citizens, with the uncertainty and impending inevitability of Brexit, they might be forgiven for believing that moving to UAE is an opportunity that could well suit them.

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21 Great Reasons to Move to Vancouver and British Columbia

(1 days ago) This is a real foodie city and with seafood caught and bought a stone’s throw away, emigrants to Vancouver often remark on the fact that food simply tastes better here! There are many award-winning restaurants and cafes here as well as amazing food markets and specialist shops for the budding chefs among us.

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21 Reasons Why You Should Move To Malaysia

(1 days ago) Malaysia, a country of outstanding beauty, cordial locals and some of the most stunning architecture. Increasing numbers of people are choosing to up sticks and move to Malaysia from the UK each and every year, and with good reason. But if you are still on the fence, here are just 21 reasons why we think you should be moving to Malaysia….

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PSS International Removals and Asian Express Announce New

(8 days ago) Hong Kong has always had strong links with the UK finding expatriates working in banking, education, real estate, law and consultancy. There are said to be 33,733 Brits currently living in Hong Kong. China too is increasingly becoming a popular destination with many young Brits moving overseas to study here and set up their own […]

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45 Great Reasons to Move to Australia

(7 days ago) The good news is that thanks to Australia’s status as a country of immigration…with newbies arriving for centuries, there’s a real culture of welcoming new arrivals with open arms. You will find people are laid-back, informal and very open to making new friends and acquaintances. 6: Own a spacious house with your own private swimming pool!

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28 Great Reasons to Move to Cyprus

(4 days ago) If you are moving to escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities, then Cyprus’s somewhat sparse population can be a real draw. The total population of Cyprus is around 850,000, and with around three quarters of those inhabitants living in the five main residential areas, it’s easy to see that despite the small size of the island, there

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Canada Needs You: What Jobs Are In Demand

(9 days ago) Real Estate Agent, average salary $108, 741(£64, 257) Android Developer, average salary $86, 749 (£51, 262) Analytics Manager, average salary $94, 360 (£55, 759) User Experience, average salary $80, 815 (£47, 761) IT Security Specialist, average salary $80, 969 (£47, 852) Optometrist, average salary $105, 790 (£65, 522)

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What do these celebrities say about New Zealand

(6 days ago) 1) “There’s a real purity in New Zealand that doesn’t exist in the states. It’s actually not an easy thing to find in our world anymore. It’s a unique place because it …

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Top Reasons Why Britons Move House Revealed

(2 days ago) Domestic house movers have different motivations to those moving internationally A new survey has highlighted some of the many reasons why people in the UK want to move house. The survey focuses on domestic moves within the UK and demonstrates that international migrants and local movers have quite different motivations. Almost one quarter of those […]

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Would the New Zealand School System Be Better For My Kids

(6 days ago) You could reasonably deduce that in New Zealand education is more valued than in the UK but is that the real story? The school system in New Zealand is in some respects similar to the UK one. Students in New Zealand must attend education between the ages of 6-16, although most enroll on and around their fifth birthday.

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Could you be elected leader of the country you are

(6 days ago) A surprising number of British migrants have gone on to take the top job in their adopted country. What are your chances of being elected? 2019 is a year of multiple elections across the globe – including in many regions and countries popular with British migrants. There are elections in Spain, South Africa, Portugal, India, […]

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What You Need To Know About Moving To UAE

(Just Now) This gradual transformation has slowly seen the landscape and population change with Dubai skyscrapers continuing to shoot up, piercing the stunning blue skyline while man-made islands create many new real estate and tourism opportunities. Citizens have also become a minority, as foreign workers are attracted to sustain the boom.

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The ultimate list of reasons to move to New Zealand

(9 days ago) There’s a real love of being neighbourly in New Zealand and once you start thinking of reasons to live in New Zealand, this one will probably keep coming back to you. Getting on with people is one of the most important parts of life and in New Zealand, the people make it easy. 4. Family friendly – a great place to raise kids

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Are These the Greatest Countries In The World To Visit

(9 days ago) This southern African country bordering on the Atlantic is perhaps a surprising new entry into the top 10. For the adventurous in search of the real Africa, Namibia is a great choice. Praised for its emphasis on ecotourism, there are numerous national parks where you can escape to a lodge and enjoy over 200 species of mammals. 10: Italy (+3)

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25 Great Reasons to Move to Dubai and The United Arab

(7 days ago) 12. You can ski… in the desert. Don’t get the sun go to your head – cool off on the slopes! Situated in the Mall of the Emirates, there’s a whole indoor ski resort that’s kept cool year-round and gives you the opportunity to ski five runs and various stunt features without ever leaving the UAE. 13.

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Which are the best cities in the world to visit in 2020

(8 days ago) Sydney is growing and changing all the time but one thing stays the same and that’s the vivacity of the city…it’s a real joy to visit. 5. Petersburg, Russia. This history-packed Russian port city has been called “The Venice of the North” due to the many elegant canals which form …

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How to live a healthier life abroad

(4 days ago) If you have children, engage in activities other than gathering around the television before, during or after dinner time. Engage with them using real toys instead of tablet apps or computer games. Open your windows, breathe in the fresh air and bask in natural sunlight as much as possible. Also try buying a few plants to improve the air quality.

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Working Your Way Through A Gap Year

(4 days ago) Taking a year off from studying is a popular choice for young adults looking to spread their wings before returning home to start university or a job. UCAS, a UK body which helps connect young adults to higher education, said in 2015 5.4% of accepted applicants deferred a year (28,805 of 532, 265). Clearly […]

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Understanding Australian Politics

(2 days ago) That said it wasn’t until four decades later when the Labor Party was formed that a real sense of political governance began to take shape. It wasn’t until the establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia on January 1 1901 that the country became united as a whole.

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Brexit: What We Know Now

(2 days ago) Brexit: What We Know Now. For useful articles and tips on moving to other countries and life as an expat, please like the PSS International Removals Facebook page and follow the Twitter profile. The Brexit negotiations officially began on June 19 2017 in Brussels. This is the first time ministers from the UK and EU will sit down for face-to

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The 11 best international shipping companies in the UK for

(6 days ago) They have 50 years of experience shipping internationally across 30 locations for both personal and business use, using integrated real-time shipment tracking services and marine insurance covered by Sea Seas for added piece of mind. At PSS we use Tropical for shipping from the UK to the Caribbean & Bahamas. 10) CMA-CGM

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Eat Your Way Around Wellington, New Zealand

(1 days ago) Local baristas take real pride in their brews and Cafe L’affare has been doing it longer than others. Brewing since 1990, you’ll find the perfect space to get your caffeine fix. Craft Beer is also hugely popular in Wellington and there are a large number of …

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