Real Estate Teams Are the Future

The Basics of Real Estate Teams. The beginnings of modern real estate teams emerged in the early 2000s, when many agents began to form partnerships. These partnerships were often …

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What to Expect From a Real Estate Career: 6 Things to …

(7 days ago) 1) Licensing Comes First. Before you start your career as a real estate agent, you must be licensed in your state. The licensing process varies by state, but generally, the first step will be …

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10 Things All Great Real Estate Teams Have in Common

(9 days ago) Compensation structures and commission splits. Recruiting policies. Separation procedures. Confidentiality policies. Referral fees. Defining guidelines, policies, and procedures from the …

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How to Pick the Perfect Real Estate Farm

(7 days ago) In real estate, farming means growing your business by marketing yourself to a specific area, or farm. A farm can be any geographic or demographic area in which you want to focus your …

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How to Get Out of a Real Estate Slump

(4 days ago) 1) Focus on Your Health. The flexible hours of a real estate career is one of its biggest draws, but this can also be one of its biggest downfalls if you don’t plan out your time effectively. Many …

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HomeSmart+ Meet the Agent: Ben Duman, HomeSmart Palm Desert

(2 days ago) HomeSmart Palm Desert's Ben Duman. “I personally joined HomeSmart+ because it is an opportunity to grow with an emerging Real Estate entity. [Maureen] and I plan on selling Real …

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5 Ways to Create an Effective Real Estate Team

(3 days ago) Creating your real estate team requires strategy from you, the team lead, to ensure your coworkers have every opportunity to develop, feel fulfilled, and be successful in the long term. …

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The Importance of Drafting a Real Estate Team Agreement

(2 days ago) Drafting real estate team agreements cements that framework and gives teams a blueprint not only for operations, but also for growth. Although some teams manage without set-in-stone …

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7 Advantages of a Real Estate Team and 3 Things to Watch Out For

(1 days ago) Here are seven of those benefits: 1. More revenue. This is a no-brainer: You only have so many hours in the week to run a business on your own, but with a team, you add the resources to …

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Pets Are The New Real Estate Buyers

(2 days ago) 1) Pets are everywhere. If you think that this is just a trend that will fade out, sorry to break it to you, but it looks like pets are here to stay as major real estate influencers. According to the …

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Should You Stay Solo or Form a Real Estate Team

(4 days ago) By Matt Hensler on August 07, 2018. A 2017 report from Inman focusing on real estate teams found that 60 percent of responding agents who weren’t on a team would consider joining one …

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Gaining Momentum: HomeSmart Real Estate Momentum in …

(2 days ago) Northeast Ohio is populated with many traditional brokerage models and a few cloud-based and discount brokerages. Some offer large offices and most have broker splits, and that is where …

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Common Financial Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make That

(5 days ago) Common Financial Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make That Affect Profit. When you made the decision to become a real estate agent, being your own boss and setting your own schedule …

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7 Expenses That New Real Estate Agents Must Consider

(9 days ago) The $20 tanks of gas add up, as well as maintenance and insurance, meaning you could easily be spending $40-$50 a week—or $2,500 a year—just on using your car for work. Real estate …

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